Jungle Remix (prod. JEDOfficial)



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Drake Jungle remix

Hey b how you doin’?
Mind’s screwed, so confusin’
Do you have time just to talk about us and what we lost?

Let’s be honest
I know we weren’t perfect
But it’s okay, cause we just worked, and it felt great

I’m not gonna lie we both changed
Milan really upped my confidence
And seeing each other felt just the same
Like meeting back in those November days

Summer 19’ didn’t treat us well
But I’d be making moves just to come, talk and see you, hell
You got a new man now
And that’s fine and all
I just wanted you to know, don’t love you anymore but I still miss you though

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Don’t wanna be hooked up in the past, in the past

It feels so good, it feels so good to finally move on now
I just wanna do live shows and tour all around
And be the best person I can be for now

You already know that I want the best
Wrong time, right person that exists
Finding someone new I’m finally ready for this
And I told you that I want you to be happy, yeah
And I want you to be happy
Still care about you, you know that it’s true

Now I wanna work 9 to 5 in the studio
Stay there writing songs, coming out with a golden glow
Watch the sunrise, be with my guys, just aim for the sky
That’s what I like, just give me more life

I’m from the Jungle
My mind is a Jungle
Starting over now
It ain’t easy but it’s worth the trouble
This shit is everything to me, this shit is everything
Things will get better then, finding myself again

Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

I’m done.